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  • Le 22/07/2007
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Hey !!

Huhu voila longtemps que j'ai pas fait de MAJ, honte à moiiii ^^
Breffouille à force de boire, fumer et baiser j'avoue avoir mis le site de coté, je sais encore une fois la honte totale, heureusement que Fr0zen Yogurt est là hein ?^^
Alouuuur qu'est-ce que je vous ai dOnc concocter ??

- 5 icons sur Grey's Anatomy
- 2 icons sur Supernatural
- 6 icons sur Dead Zone
- 1 avatar 200*400 sur Josh Duhamel
- 1 avatar 200*400 sur Ali Larter
- 1 avatar 200*400 sur Ellen Pompeo
- 1 avatar 200*400 sur Wentworth Miller
- 1 avatar 200*400 sur Jared Padalecki
- 1 avatar 200*400 sur Milo Ventimiglia

Vila je crois que j'ai rien oublié ^^
Bonne aprem à tous et vive les Kiwis au Yaourt frais xD

Commentaires (2)

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Yet American experts still believed in the spring of 1912 in the north Atlantic route was an iceberg, so apparently in January and in rare astronomical phenomenon and the tides about anomalies. Experts say, some tip sometimes in Canada's north coast stranded, and then the next year and be powerful ocean drive to float, so experts doubt, hitting "Titanic" iceberg may not in 1912, but in 1911 fell off from glaciers, it carried to the Atlantic in on the way in the northern Canada was stranded on the coast, and then in 1912 on January 4, a rare astronomical phenomena and due to the influence of the abnormal tides, floating up again, and have enough time in the April 15 drove to and "Titanic" of the collision of the death occurred.
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